Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garnish with restraint

It was one of those days on the Internet - one click leads to another...and there is this recipe for Pimm's Cup? And we thought it was something that was only purchased.

Here's the recipe:

The most refreshing summer tipples
Joanna Simon

I’ve been making this since my student days. Then, I used the cheapest bottles I could lay my hands on, but a gin of at least 40% abv and decent vermouth and liqueur make a difference to the taste — and it should still be cheaper than shop- bought Pimm’s.

Garnish with restraint; it doesn’t need the whole fruit bowl.

70cl gin (40% abv) 7
0cl-75cl red vermouth

37.5cl orange liqueur (preferably curaƧao or triple sec)

Lemonade or ginger ale, chilled

We like the story. It couldn't be more simple. The ingredients are practically pantry staples. We broke out the channel knife (or zester) to contribute orange, lemon, and lime peels. Added three thin slices of English cucumber. The proportions:

1 part gin
1 part sweet vermouth
1/2 part Cointreau

Ice, attractive lengths of orange, lemon, and lime peels, slices of cucumber

Top with ginger ale.