Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jamie Lynne (Prelude to a Kiss)

Big sis has left you alone to look after your two nephews - and your Older Boyfriend is going to be stopping by!!!

Even though big sis is rich, her place has a dingy quality - like, the sofa cushions smell like Kool Light 100s and there are broken cookies and snacks kicked in the corner. It doesn't matter tonight, though. The boys are fast asleep, sis is going to be out ALL NIGHT.

Sis has an awesome liquor cabinet. You like the sweet things, that don't taste too much like alcohol. And the pretty things, that are so bright they almost glow in the dark. And sugared rims, because they are fancy. You know how to make drinks with sugared rims from watching TV. You are the only one in your family who can pull this off: mom is known for drinking beer through a straw and sis's fine motor skills are limited to working a cigarette lighter.

You want to get in the mood before he comes over: you make a very terribly grown-up drink. With a sugared rim. The first swallow makes your ears ring and it kind of burns your throat...but you know this is the most sophisticated thing you've done in your life. The second gulp makes you shiver, close your eyes, shake your head and laugh out loud.

You make another.

He calls and says he's almost there and are you wearing something sexy?

You light some candles and turn off the lights. Spray some Glade to freshen up the place. Trip over the ottoman and - woooooah! That drink packs a punch there, cowgirl!

He smelled like beer and Axe body spray.

Later, you thought Alizé would be such a pretty name for a girl.

A 16-year old who gets knocked up is either hated or praised, it just depends on the context. If your mom happens to be the Last Hope for a certain political party, you will end up being a symbol of the sanctity of life and forgiveness.

The Jaimie Lynne - use with caution!

2 parts Southern Comfort
1 part Alizé (Gold, Red, Wild, Blue, Rose, or Passion - your choice!)

Shake vigorously over ice and strain into a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass.

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